Keyboard-attach directive input being blurred (losing focus) in Beta 14?

Every time I focus the input in the footer (in a chat view), the keyboard starts to open, but then the input is immediately blurred. This happened upon my upgrading from Beta 13 to Beta 14.

This view is also scrollable, so there’s a chance the issue is actually with $ionicScrollDelegate blurring input focus.

Has anyone been having issues with Beta 14 and the keyboard-attach directive?

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Apparently, the issue is with scrolling. I can’t seem to call $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollToBottom() without the input being unfocused.

If anyone has a fix, please post.

Having the same issue here. Since beta 14 as well.

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I couldn’t get it to work with scrolling, so I had to downgrade to Beta 13 for now.

I am facing the same issue: $ionicScrollDelegate.scrollBottom(true) causes the input to lose focus. Has anybody reported this on github?

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Same here :frowning: I want to scroll to bottom once the keyboard is open.

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This is fixed in the nightly

You don’t happen to know in which commit/build specifically this was fixed, do you? It would just be educational to know how they fixed the problem.

Thanks for the notification though! I’ll try it out as soon as I can.

@nm7000 That is actually easy to figure out thanks to the changelog :smile:

Note however that this commit is not a bugfix but they are reverting an intentional modification:
scrollDelegate: revert change that made all scroll* methods blur inputs (0145dc37, closes #2745)

This is the commit:

Also, thanks @beauby, I was desperate until I saw your comment an hour ago, now I got my bug fixed :smiley:

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