Screenshot with Sharing option

Hi All,

I am trying to add a capability to my Hybrid Android App that i have built using Ionic+Crosswalk

The capability is to take a screenshot of the screen the user is at in the app by clicking a button. This option works fine by using the screenshot plugin of cordova. Now i need to provide an option for the user to be able to share the taken screenshot right from within the app and not going to the Gallery to do that.

So, one touch on a button should take screenshot and then provide a small pop up that can provide option to either view the screenshot of the share it.

i can create these option, the only part which i am stuck at is, to get that exact screenshot from the gallery when the user selects share option. As the screenshot file name has to be dynamic.

I have also added the social share plugin of cordova. But having a hard time to tie these two plugins into one, to make then function like just one option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



we have it implemented in our Social Sharing Plugin already. You can check it here:

Does your implementation create an image in the phone?
Keep in mind also that the image path should start with ‘file://’, but this should be only for screenshot images and not for other ones.


@Trimud: Do you have a version for Ionic2 ? I’d be interested in it. Thanks.


No, it is for Ionic v1 for now.


trimudAadi how are you did you ever get this resolved. Looking to save my screenshots to firebase