Social share dynamic .svg render of view

The idea is to let angular dynamically generate an svg that is a kind of render of the users current view. This would result in a string representing the svg image I would like to share. I would than like to save this as a blob and make an url for it using:

var blob = new Blob([ content ], { type : 'text/plain' }); $scope.imageUrl = (window.URL || window.webkitURL).createObjectURL( blob );

Would it than be possible to share this image using the social share plugin at the hand of imageUrl?

Hi, sorry for asking you this, but what did you use to get the screenshot (user’s current view)

@ZouZou I used plugin for cordova to make a screenshot of the users current screen. One can than simply call it through the navigator like so:,res){

Hope this helps.

With Share plugin, its possilbe to share the image url.

I am not sure if the captured image is as a file or as an image stream. Both would be supported.

The captured image is saved to the the local image library. One can than share it using the file path. This path is logged to the console in the example above using console.log('ok',res.filePath);. I believe android also allows capturing the image as a image stream.

Anyone have any ideas on the initial question? Sharing an dynamically generated .svg render of the view. This would enable some added features as replacing relative time and dates back to absolute.

@TobiasS Thank you very much