Screenshot of iPhone screen using ionic


Hi friends

         I want to create a screenshot of my mobile screen using ionic,
         There is one plugin for screenshot. It is working fine in android.
         Also I can able to take screenshot in iPhone. but it is not shows up on the photo gallery.
         Can anyone help me out this?


Try the screenshot plugin

or using Ionic Native wrapper:


Thanks ihadeed. I am using exactly the same plugin mentioned by you…

I can take take the screenshot. But it is stored in private/var/mobile… path.

I want to show this screenshot in the photo gallery. I cant see any pic of my screenshot in the gallery.

For android I have no problem.I am facing this issue in my iPhone only.


Well I guess you would have to chain the output to a second plugin that will save it on the user accessible folders instead of the data folder.

Try the cordova-plugin-file. Ionic Native has a wrapper for that as well (although it might change soon).


yeah…I will try this one ihadeed. Thanks for your reply.:slight_smile:


@AravindhJey did you find the folder ?

where is the image saved in iphone
path ?


The cordova plugin used returns the full path. The Ionic Native wrapper probably does, too.


It is saving in the data directory. I can see the file path. Any way, now I am not saving the image.