Save Screenshot on Camera Roll of Device

Hi guys,

How I can save the screenshot of a page and save this in a Camera Roll?

i use ionic native plugin

and this is my code

  getScreenshot(){'jpg', 80, 'myscreenshot').then(res => {
    .catch(() => console.error("screenshot error"));

on xcode i have this log file /private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application//921…/tmp/myscreenshot.jpg.jpg.

How to save this screenshot in camera roll in iOS and Android?

This could help: (Found by googling, so no idea how and how well it works. Maybe there is a better version.)

I try to save with this simple code

getImage () {
  var nativePathToJpegImage = '/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/****************/tmp/my_screenshot.jpg'
  cordova.plugins.imagesaver.saveImageToGallery(nativePathToJpegImage, this.onSaveImageSuccess, this.onSaveImageError);

onSaveImageSuccess() {

onSaveImageError () {
  console.log("NON SALVATA")

The xcode return success but i don’t show this in my camera roll :expressionless:

Thank you for your help