Scatter Line Charts Chart.js Add array data

I found just this example to add data, but what if I want to add 1000 points? is there a way to do that with this library or should I find another one ?

in var scatterChart = new Chart(ctx, {
type: 'line',
data: {
    datasets: [{
        label: 'Scatter Dataset',
        data: [{
            x: -10,
            y: 0
        }, {
            x: 0,
            y: 10
        }, {
            x: 10,
            y: 5
options: {
    scales: {
        xAxes: [{
            type: 'linear',
            position: 'bottom'


I can’t say anything about the performance of Chart.js, but why shouldn’t this work? In the example the data is in an array of x,y coordinates. Just put your 1000 points in the same format and throw it in there to see what happens.

Or what exactly were your concerns?