Saving FINGERPRINT data from external device or from phone

I’m creating a form for using data survey.Form is dynamic and i’m collecting details like signature , fingerperint etc ,but i didn’t see any plugin to save Fingerprint data from external device or collecting by using phone fingerprint scanner.Plugins like Android fingerprint auth ,Fingerprint AIO ,Touch ID only using for authentication which is already saved on Device

.So please help me to find a solution for this , my quesions are

  1. How to scan fingerprint data from external device or using phone scanner and save to storage.Any plugin?

  2. What kind of format this fingerprint data?


You did it? I need it too.

This is deliberately made impossible, at least on Android, and thankfully so.

No…it’s almost possible…If needed we need to ask to create a plugin by fingerprint company or Android SDK

I need this kind of cordova plugin too for my ionic 5 project.
Been searching for days :frowning:

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