Sass not using app variables

I have swapped the primary and secondary colors but the change isn’t made, the colors in the build css didn’t changed, i removed the build css and compiled again and it did created the files again so it isn’t using the app.variables.scss in the latest ionic build.

Should be fixed in the next release by this:

Oh then my pull request didn’t even made it? Ok, my aproach was just map colors to each color map for ios and android.

And mine was over the starters templates.

We appreciate the PR, but because we changed the way the Sass files are structured and the way the variables get overridden, it is less for the user to worry about if we copy the $colors map in the source files.

The user will be able to override the $colors map in each platform specific Sass file once this fix is released, and not worry about the ios or md $colors.