Changing colors more globally than the SASS variables allow


I’m new to Ionic but I’ve been working with it for a solid week or so now. I’m looking for a way to change colors more globally than I believe the SASS variables allow. The principal reason I think I’m having to do this is because of an assumption I think the Ionic developers made. I also wonder if another reason is possibly a bias towards iOS vs Android on Ionic’s part. I developed my app with another toolset for iOS several years ago and it’s in the Apple App Store. I decided to switch to Ionic because the other toolset was going in a different direction and it looked like Ionic was the best choice going forward.

My app has a largely black theme and I think Ionic developers assumed most apps would have a light theme? It isn’t helping me to change things like $colors because the assumption of “light” seems to pop up everywhere - places like the header, scrollbar backgrounds, options in a select, backgrounds and/or handles in a toggle, etc - seems like 30-50% of the various screen widgets. Is it true that “light” was the assumption?

In attempting to correct the above in the next global place I could find - overriding the SASS variables - it looks like there isn’t usually a place where setting a single variable like $button-background-color would work both on iOS and Android. I found that something like that example would have to be set in two different variables, one for iOS and one for Android. I thought that, although less desirable than I hoped, I could easily live with that - but then I found that there wasn’t always an equivalent Android variable for a given iOS variable. What’s the reason for that?

Am I left with going to all of the places where coloring is an issue and explicitly doing something with color there?

It looks like Ionic 2 has a lot of promise. It looks like the developers have put a lot of hard work into it. Have I just missed where I should have been looking? I’m definitely a newbie to Angular and Ionic. Please forgive the newbie-like naivete of the question.

Thanks for whatever guidance you can provide,