Same base and project for multiple apps


im pretty new and have one question - if i have an app and now want to style it different for different customer so the app icon, splashscreen some images for header and scss colors are different - but the logic and page structure is the same - how can i archive it to handle this in one project?
I also want that i can say in the building process okay build app “A” and ONLY the components (images html, scss files which are needed are inside the app - so if there would be 200 different styles my app would still be small)
I thought about this SO
But how could i include this? i thought i can make for each “style” an own folder and then make an alias which i use for the imports - so my main logic (ts files) would stand alone and via dynamic paths / imports it would use the right one. can ionic do that? also ignoring the other style folders?

Would be very happy for some ideas and maybe some examples.


You should use cordova hook script . or run a custom script in package.json
This script will replace all css fille and image with a new app when you build a new project.

thanks i think thats the right way!
i researched and found a lot but i need something at the very beginning of the building process - so i thought i need brefore prepare ( <- but this seems to be only avaiable for cordova? for ionic i only found this for the package.json (the other way i found was to create a .hook folder in the app).
i also have to replace the package.json for example cause of the app name, description and so on.
so is there any ionic step i can hook in to be executed before “everything” else gets executed? i also need at least one parameter which i need to add to the build process or gets requested via the script if this is possible where i can say what app design should be copied like here (Why does Ionic Cli remove command parameters passed to the cordova hooks?)

i did not found any compare between ionic and cordova hooks

I think it is not a big problem about parameter.
you can use like nodejs environment variable .I am not sure about environment variable is work but you can try Or you can create your file config.js and write hook script read data from this file.