Runtime Issues : blank app after updating app in the play store

I having a pretty complicated error and I’m searching for a way to debug it, or some Idea where to go.

I did publish a new version in the play store.

  1. If I update the app in the play store and open the app, I get the splashscreen, then a blank screen.
  2. If I let the new version in testing mode and try to
    2.1 download the old app
    2.2 Add my user as internal tester
    2.3 Update the app, then it works correctly
  3. If I uninstall the app, or have a fresh install, it works correctly
  4. If I remove the data from my smartphone, it works correctly

Additional information

  • @angular: 11.2.9
  • @ionic/angular : 5.6.4
  • @ionic-native : 5.32.0
  • @ionic/storage: 2.3.1

I would like to be able to debug the app I’ve installed on my smartphone, but don’t know how.
That said, I did controlled it with ionic cordova run android --livereload --device and everything seems to be fine.

Already tried

Does somebody have an Idea and what may happen or how I could debug such error?

It is already built in the google play store. I get no blank app with ionic cordova run android --livereload --device and it’s working perfectly. So I’m not sure how to take your answer.