Running ion-side-menus and ion-scroll horizontal

Hi Ionic community,

I’m trying to get the “ion-side-menus” and “ion-scroll” working together but that’s quite a challenge. I started with this example from codepen for the “ion-scroll” in a list (as we can see in the app store). However when I add the “ion-side-menus” the “ion-scroll” won’t scroll but ion-side-menus works fine.

I’m stuck right now. Is someone succeed to run both of those directives together ?

I think you need to give up on having a swipe to pull out side menu and a horizontal scroll functionality on the same page.

I would suggest that for the page you need horizontal scrolling on, you disable the swipe to open side menu. So, all other pages can “swipe” to open the side menu, but this page would not swipe to open the side menu.

Thanks for your reply.

That’s what I thought. However even when I add drag-content=“false” to the “ion-pane ion-side-menu-content” the horizontal scroll won’t scroll neither.

I took a look at the codepen, and notice that for the horizontal scroll, the left mouse button could not drag it, but right mouse button can.
And for vertical scroll on the list, the left mouse button can drag it.

Deploying the example to iPad, we found that we can’t drag the horizontal scroll, but we can drag the vertical scroll on the list.

We hope the horizontal scroll can work on iPad, but it can’t. Hope there is a solution for this.


Found out that the horizontal scroll does work in iPad if I use 2 fingers to drag it horizontally.

Is this expected? And is there a solution to use 1 finger to drag it horizontally?

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for me its happening the same in a tablet with android, did you find a workaround?

@max Can you please look into this If there is any work around for this. Many users are having problem and the thread is been for a while !

@duall @limcheepei @Banana Please let us know If there is any solution to this issue.

One year on, any update? I’m still struggling to get this to work

I just gave up on Ionic and went full Swift. Sorry :confused: