Ion-scroll direction x inside ion-side-menus doesn't work in ionic 1.2.4

ion-scroll (direction-x) doesn’t work inside ion-side-menus element in ionic 1.2.4 even when the side-menu is not draggable. I can’t scroll the ion-scroll element horizontally in Galaxy S4 (Android 4.2.2). Here is a codepen.

However, it does scroll horizontally if the ion-scroll is put in the main ion-nav-view (before including the ion-side-menus directive). Another interesting point is, I can scroll horizontally if I start drag in the ion-scroll area vertically at first and then drag horizontally. But this isn’t very straight forward.

The scroll horizontal used to work with ionic 1.0.0 when the ion-side-menu drag content was set to false as in this codepen.
But now it’s broken in 1.2.4. Is there any work around for this?