Running 2 Ionic apps at the same time - 1 freezes

Hey everyone,

So I currently have 2 published apps for sale on the App Store and Google Play, and both seem to function quite well and they’re actually developing small-but-growing userbases, which is awesome.

I recently tried to open both apps simultaneously on my phone and noticed that whichever app is opened second won’t register taps/clicks and is stuck on the home page.

Is this possibly because they both have a home page with the same name (home.html/home.module.ts/home.ts)?

I can obviously re-name one of them but I wasn’t sure if anyone else had this issue and knew an easy solution.


Not an answer, but, did you observe the same behavior on both Android and iOS devices?

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I didn’t actually test it on Android - I’ll have to dig my dev phone out of a drawer and see what happens when I open both simultaneously. I was just doing some fiddling on my iPhone when I first noticed the issue.

I’ll update when I get a second to test android out

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Are the versions of the apps on the phone the ones you downloaded from the app store (as opposed to ones you installed yourself during debugging/testing)?

This shouldn’t be possible, apps have their own unique name and live totally inside their own walled area.

Also grab logs from each one when this happens and see if errors are reported. I have to believe it’s something else. Maybe session errors from sharing the same server or something…no idea.


I know that one is downloaded from the app store and I can’t remember about the second but I’ll delete it and re-download from the app store just to confirm.

I don’t see any console logs since there isn’t a crash in the second ionic app that I have opened, it just won’t navigate away from the home page. Scrolling works fine but if I press any buttons on the ion list it will change colors like it does when normally registering a tap, but it never pushes a new page.

I’ll keep investigating and give some more info when I have it.

There may not be any phone level logs, but there are probably javascript level logs, because something has happened to break your JS. To actually view those you might have to deploy a debug version, but you should be able to use chrome/safari remote device debugging to see what’s going on in your js.

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@EvanW just thinking about it now, since both of your app are in store, should I give a try with my phones to see if I could reproduce it or you are definitely sure it happens everywhere?

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Now that I’m investigating I’m wondering if it isn’t somehow related to my storage/SQLite database, which has some of the same variable names across the two apps and I have code in the constructor of both home pages to check the database and change the css based on stored values.

I still haven’t tried on my android phone but I’m charging it now and I’ll test with it this afternoon.

EDIT: great news I actually just installed both fresh from the App Store and they’re running fine simultaneously! So it must be an issue with either one or both debug versions but that’s totally fine.

I’ll still test on Android but this may be solved!

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Nah man, it can’t be. If it is then whatever version if Android/iOS you’re on has a security flaw so huge you can certainly get a large bug bounty payout. That’s a catastrophic failure of security that should never happen.

I’d bet money on it not being that.

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Ya, I’d bet you had conflicts with a debug version messing something up. That makes far more sense than any of the other concepts.

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So having the same stored database values referenced across two ionic apps shouldn’t be an issue? It’s gotta be something related to the debug build then since I just confirmed that App Store releases aren’t conflicting.

If database values could have conflicts across apps the entire ecosystem of apps could never work. Like only one app on the app store ever could have a user tabel? I mean…of course that’s not the case. Everything, everything, in your app is local to your app only.


Congrats!!! Keep an eye on it and keep us updated in case this issue comes back from the dead or something

Absolutely - thanks to both you and rlouie for helping out!

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