Run webView with https

Hi guys,
I am trying to run my Ionic application with capacitor but i need the webview url to start with https. For corodova I can configure that in the config.xml with scheme, but I can’t find a solution for capaciotor?

@mhartington, this is also my concern. Can you give us some suggestion?
Many thanks.

Update Capacitor to 1.2.0, it was just released with that new feature

For those who are stuck on that since the documentation is not yet updated. In the capacitor.config.json
in the server section:
“server”: {
“hostname”: “localhost:3000”,
“iosScheme”: “https”,
“androidScheme”: “https”

on iOS you can’t use https, that should default to capacitor://

Is that right for Cordova also

In cordova it defaults to ionic://