Run "ionic serve" and access via SSH tunnel for macOS?

Hi all,

I’m running a test application using ionic-v3 and connecting to my remote server through PuTTY (laptop running Windows 10, virtual server Ubuntu 18.x).

I’m able to view the app in my browser after using “ionic serve” because I create an SSH tunnel when opening the connection. In PuTTY, this is easy: I just type “8100” as the source port, and “localhost:8100” as the destination port.

However, I’m working on this project with a friend who’s running macOS and thus connecting directly from the command line (terminal). When she tries to run “ionic serve,” it seems to work, but she gets the “site refused to connect” error when trying to view “localhost:8100” in her browser. It seems like she might need to create an SSH tunnel as well, but how can she do this from the command line - how can she replicate what I do through PuTTY in her terminal?

Many thanks!