Ionic serve - connect to localhost through SSH


Hi all! New to ionic and app development, though I’ve done quite a bit of work with networking and I’m familiar with web dev.

Trying to run a sample Ionic (v3) project which I set up on my Linux remote server (ubuntu distribution). I’m using the command “sudo ionic serve” and it seems to be lauching the development server (says “browser window opened to localhost:8100”), but I can’t connect through my browser (using Chrome on Windows 10).

I’m connecting to my linux server through PuTTY, and I’ve enabled port forwarding to localhost:8100. I’ve also tried several other ports (and specified the “–port=XYZ” option), but still get “could not connect” in my browser.

I’ve used remote port forwarding for other projects before with this same OS and browser (Chrome) without issues, so I’m confused why I can’t connect with this new ionic project, especially when the ionic development server is clearly running. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!