"Run android" with livereload don't load cordovajs on deployed app


In larger companies, it is not always possible to have access to wifi router to support livereload function for direct development on device.
In my company, we have adopted the following best practices to develop locally on their PC:

  • connect android device
  • adb reverse tcp:8000 tcp:8000
  • adb reverse tcp:53703 tcp:53703
  • adb reverse tcp:35729 tcp:35729
  • ionic run android -l --address localhost --port 8000 --liveReloadPort 8000

Up to version RC2 this solution worked great but with version RC3 “cordova.js” not found in android application after deploy on device and all cordova plugin not work.

Someone can help me restore my working method to take advantage of cordova.js and related plugins LivePreview mode? thank you !!! I have an upcoming delivery to a customer :disappointed: