Rss Reader Xoonity - News Reader with Ionic


We published an Rss Reader with Ionic 2 “Rss Reader Xoonity”:

And soon for IOS.

Feedback and advice are welcome!

I want to thank the Ionic team for their great work.

Do not hesitate to comment, if you like or not, if you need features or anythings else.

A lot of improvement with the last version

Now with Ionic2.RC1,
New Feature, Slide Show with voice reading and much more.

thanks to Ionic Team

help me pls!!

Now with Ionic2 RC3!

Now with Ionic 2.1.0

If you are looking for an application with the virtual scroll that uses ion-img, you can download the app and get an idea. Any advice is welcome (Functional or technical).

Future versions will enhance visualization with virtual scroll and image management.

Thanks to ionic team for their great work

Now with Ionic 3.1.1

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Now with Ionic 3.2.0 with improved virtual scroll

Help this app, write a review.

Updated with Ionic 3.6