Incomprehensible background notification problem?

thank you for your help
just ios platform
I’ll tell you the problem with images
A1 --> app working

A2 --> After clicking the home button

A3 --> push notification working

How to solve

B1–> location access not working

B2–> After clicking the home button to work

twitter button click not workking
After clicking the home button


It is difficult to understand what’s wrong.

The problem may be related to multi-threading.

@Lafont it looks like the problem is that the permission dialogs only popup when the home button is clicked.

@sumer can you please attach the code where you are trying to show the dialogs?

–> platforms/ios/www/cordova.js file in the

I deleted the following code
my app worked but css not included
code line 1872-1887
*Extends a child object from a parent object using classical inheritance pattern.
//proxy used to establish prototype chain
var F = function () {};
//extend Child from parent

 return function (Child,Parent){
       F.prototype= Parent.prototype;
      Child.prototype= new F();
      Child.__super__= Parent.prototype;
      Child.prototype.constructor = Child;



update ios 10 and xcode 8 bug…
downgrade xcode version 7.3.1 worked. :slight_smile: