Rookie in Ionic dev need help moving from codepen demo


Hey guys im a rookie dev new to Ionic and Angular but I am loving what I have seen so far and really like the community growing with the development of ionic.

I have been making small tests on ionic using tutorials I have found online. I have made a few tests using the CLI. Recently I have forked this codepen:

But I am sure how to take that codepen example and organise the file structure so it is working correctly on Ionic view on devices. I tried copying the JS and adding it to the app.js but due to my inexperience I have obviously done something wrong.

Does/can anyone have that demo/example correctly organised file structure out of codepen that I could see and learn from.

Also any resources that you think might be useful for a beginner please post them here.




You can follow:

There are several demo templates ready also.
You can check here also for demo templates for staring with ionic:


ionic start myapp


Wow thanks.I have pulled it from codepen and it works adding all code straight from pen but then when I test the app in ionic view, it just shows a blank page?