Codepen outdated?


In the docs, there’s often a codepen with an example, like this one:

Is it correct that this code sample isn’t working when using the latest version of the ionic framework?

I know how much work it is to update those examples every time the framework changes, so I’m just checking if I’m correct, since I’ve been breaking my head over these.

Thanks for all the great work btw!


Oh man, good catch! I guess that codepen that that page references isn’t in our main public-list, so I must have missed it :smile:


It might help noobs like me to get started faster and easier. :slight_smile: Thanks for fixing that!


A good place for all our up to date codepens is here


Thanks so much for that link, that solves most of my problems. I’ve been trying to get that other pen from the documentation to work for over a day …