Rollup: Parse Error:

Trying to use an NPM package that has been published to a local repository. I am able to use the .npmrc file to authenticate and use the package, however see the below error when trying to BUILD the solution :

@stencil/core”: “^1.12.2”,

[ ERROR ] Rollup: Parse Error: ./node_modules/@mypackage/api-wrapper/src/index.ts:16:11
Unexpected token (Note that you need plugins to import files that are not JavaScript)

 L15:   */
 L16:  public postFeedbackToApi(appId: any, area: string, description: string, trackingID: any, feedbackType: str
 L17:      var promise = new Promise<Response>((resolve, reject) => {

[14:50.3] build failed in 2.20 s

Im facing the same error (but with stencil v2 and using @google-web-components/google-chart library

Did you solve the problem?

I guess it’s a typescript or rollup miss configuration, but i’m lost.

Thanks for any help here