Robinhood app scene with javascript & ionic 🔥

Just a demonstration of my work with trending currently synthwave interface :blush:

The basis view of this scene was taken as the perfect example, from Bitcoin conf 22" – Presentation of Robinhood application UI/UX updates.

The full scene is available here
Bitcoin conf 22" – Robinhood application presentation
Modal window created with Panes


any reason you are using cupertino pane instead of the new pane modal in Ionic?

  1. Main reason to using package with Ionic is much more complex and sophisticated UI.
    Can you imagine such modal from example above (with 3d transition and perspective and touchmove gesture) created with Ionic modal sheet ?!
  2. Other types of pane such as horizontal, z-stack, and of course, presented from top inverse panes.
  3. But for my projects, personally is the bullet-in case with fitHeight option. Content will be adjusted and automatically wrapped to the pane without additional workaround.
  4. Also, Good cases to using panes in project without Ionic framework, whereas modal sheet not provided by UI components.

For basic cases modal sheet is enough.

Thx - nice graphics !

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