Anything like a Persisitent Bottom Sheet

Is there anything in Ionic that can look like an persistent bottom sheet?

The best I’ve found is
But it’s buggy and not working properly. And the dev is not responding.

Something like the Android or Flutter persistent bottom sheet, with content that is bigger than the screen height.

Does anyone know of any solutions?
Is is possible to get the same result with a modal?

Use my solution

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Good stuff. Thanks!


With a minor issue raised on your repo.

Question: do you need to put the DIVs for the pane inside or outside ion-content?

If I put them inside, the padding in ion-content (optional) will affect the pane). If I put it outside the ion-content, then the pane won’t disappear if I navigate away to another page.

Depends on your purposes.
You can set device safe-area and tabs offsets additionally in settings, and parent element selector also. Especially for ionic I do render element inside of ion-content and set offsets to breakpoints.