Rewrite or upgrade existing project from ionic 1 to 2... xcode?

I have an existing ionic 1 app, published in the Apple and Google app stores. I’m about to start the process of converting it to Ionic 2. I understand I update the libs and rewrite in the latest Angular but what is involved in xcode?

Should I rewrite as a separate app and then upload as a new version to the app store or rewrite within the existing app - or does it even make a difference?

What about code signing etc? I feel like I’m missing the obvious but is it as easy as rewriting and then uploading the new the new app to the app stores?

My experience so far:

  1. There are migration guides from Ionic v1 to v2+, but I’ve mostly found then written for the sake of showing a path of migration. There are just too many differences to keep a single project with mixed code. This is IMHO.

  2. I created a completely new project, but used the same app ID. So its really a completely new code base but when I publish it (and if I do), it will be uploaded as the same app. Whether it makes a difference or not depends on how you position your app. My app is paid and therefore, when my v2 app is feature ready, I plan to roll it out as an update. Note that at least Apple rejects app that seem clones of each other (if it finds them out) - so I’m not sure if its prudent to upload two apps that behave the same under two app ids anyway. I’ve never tried this, so this note is theoretical.

  3. On the Xcode front though, nothing changes (as far as I can remember). Just like v1, you have to set up the right provisioning profiles (I just go with automatic) and its the same process as far as upload to app store is concerned.

Thanks for the thorough reply, it’s really useful.

Potentially silly question, where is the app ID specified, is it the widget id="xxx" in config.xml?

Ah yes it is - answered my own question, thanks again.

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