Reverse Geocoding ionic v4

any idea about native geocoding for reverse geocoding? from address to lat lon.

I don’t think it would be accurate. As lat lon varies point to point.

doesn’t matter accuracy. but is it possible?

It may be but there are many factors that would create problems. And I mean it.

Have a look at this:
Reverse Geocoding

i want for all platforms and in ionic v4

The above link will work for ionic 4.

but this is cordova plugin. it will not work on browser.

You don’t want to develop for mobile device??

i want for all mobile and desktop.

For desktop you can refer to stackoverflow. And for mobile if you are developing a app then the cordova plugin will work fine or if you are not developing a mobile app then please share more information.

problem is simple. i want reverse geocoding for desktop application. there is native plugin for geocoding in ionic. but not for reverse geocoding.

You can use java script for that…
This may help:


thanks for link but i dont want to use google api and other which have limited access of api calling after that paid.

What about just making a call to Google’s Maps API? You would be able to get the lat and long back in JSON format.

that is limited access. paid after number of calls. any api u know for free calling?

Does your app interact with an API that you have created? I have an Google API key for each of my customers and they have never exceeded the maximum calls per day. Your API could either do the geocoding and return the lat/long or supply the api key and your app handle the geocoding directly.

I would have to research free geocoding. You might want to research Pitney Bowes.

thanks Daniel :slight_smile: . i decided that i will use openstreetmap api.