Google-Maps native

I’m using google maps native in my project it works fine but I want to getLocation without display map.
Can anyone help me?

Hi,As far as i know you can get the latitude and longitude by using native geolocation[1] and use a reverse geocording to find the location sugestion for open source geocording Mapzen[2]


P.s : There may be other methods to do this easily.

Hi @ranmal96 , Thanks for your reply . i tried to use geolocation before but it doesn’t work it all the time return error it enters the catch.

Did you use ionic serve or you deploy the app on a mobile and test it

I deploy the app on a mobile android

I works fine when i use ionic lab or ionic serve in chrome but when use ionic cordova run android it doesn’t work

@ranmal96, I want use select his home position from map and save lat & long. How can i do that?