Resume/cv application

Hello there, i want to create resume/cv application. can i use the log in source code as my resume/cv?

which login source code?
Do you want to apply only with that logincode or is it just a smal part of your app?

@fadlihusin Hello, Which login source code you are talking about? Please provide a link.

im just using a simple log in source code and i change the content btw im new developer and hard for me to explain…this is the code <form (ngSubmit)=“login()”>

<ion-input type=“text” [(ngModel)]=“” name=“name”>

<ion-textarea [(ngModel)]=" user.age" name=“age”>


p/s: im use it to create a resume form

ah, you’re building an application for people to apply, not you want to apply somewhere… That makes more sense now…

That seems not like protected content at all, so I would say you can use it.

Yes, I think you can use it. But don’t use this method for sensitive data.

Name Age Submit this code sir...actually i want to create a resume form but i dont know the code

what do you mean for sensitive data? i just make an app for my final year student and its just prototype

ok then how i gonna connect it with database? im using firebase database

@fadlihusin Sensitive data means important data of yours or others. Eg. Social Security Number, Green Card Number.

@fadlihusin Please use youtube or google for learning how to use firebase because it is hard to describe here.

Refer this tutorial of Paul Halliday.

Hope it helps.

thanks sir…any question i will ask later

hello sir its me again… i wanna create a cover letter page but i do not know how to call every data that user fill in database for me use/insert into the cover letter page

Which database you are using in your app?

If you don’t know which one to choose then go for firebase. It is easy to install and insert/update operations are also easy. And main thing, it is free.

im using firebase for database

do you know any resume/cv apps can i refer?