Responsive transition between desktop and mobile view


I am planning to build a responsive website where a single codebase can produce desktop and mobile view depending on the screen real estate.

the main website does this job, while this forum has a separate mobile view option. Are they built using ionic framework?

How easy is it to make a responsive desktop+mobile website with ionic framework?

I’d like to know if ionic can be a replacement of Bootstrap/Foundation for desktop web, while providing better mobile experience.



I think you’re thinking about things incorrectly. You could expose the www directory of an ionic app to the internet. But there is no support for making it look good on desktop. It’ll just look like a big phoneapp on a desktop. It’ll probably look like if you opened this link in your browser
Stick to bootstrap for making a desktop site imo.


The website is NOT built in Ionic nor is this forum.

Ionic is really geared for hybrid apps. Yes, you can make these apps look good in a desktop browser most of the time but it’s not made for that.


@Calandee on that note, what is powering this forum? It’s bloody beautiful!


@breandr :smile:


Thanks @snailred. :slight_smile: