Resize bug - Angular-Swiper w/ Ionic

Hi guys,
I’ve an ionic related problem with this popular angular-swiper (

The problem is, when I load my app, whole slider gets displayed but it in the navigation it appears as if there would be only one slide in it.
However, if you drag that slide as far as you can in your browser, the other slide gets visible but only till you release it again.
I found a way to fix it in my browser (just manually resize the browser window after your app loaded) but of course this isn’t possible if you test the app via Ionic View on my android device.

I have provided a codepen, although for some reason it doesnt display the slider, you know which one I’m reffering to. Maybe someone has experienced a similar problem and knows a workaround.
Codepen here

Best regards,

Did you manage to resolve this? I am currently encountering the same issue.