Resetting plugins due to page load


when running my ionic app on Xcode 5.1.1 I’m getting this on my console:

Resetting plugins due to page load.

Before I was getting the status bar plugin error discussed in this post: Plugins does not exist

Removing the status bar plugin still results in the plugins being reset and the splash screen/whole app slower to start up.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I’ve been getting that on our production app for a couple months and AFAIK it doesn’t affect the app in any way.

Hey Peter,

thanks for the reply. Are you sure? Because in mine it shows on Xcode’s console exactly when the app is loading/on the splash screen. How about yours?

I have the same issue and this task take 2 seconds. The the splash screen apear during 2 sec plus the normal loading time.

I was reading about this and someone says that the problem is with the hashchange, other says it’s because of reading the local storage.

Are there any clue about it?


Any help here would be appreciated. My app takes 90 seconds to load.

Hey, I am facing this issue, app stops loading on splash screen. Any ideas how to fix this?

did you find any solution?

Hey, well not really, I decided to downgrade my cordova version to the previous one that was working until I can get a solution.

Hello out there! It’s been a year. Has anyone found something worthwhile to add to this?

I think so this will help you