Request background geolocation and check response

I’m working on the onboarding process for my app, which requires background geolocation. It can’t work at all without location permission, so during the onboarding I need to make sure that the permission is granted.

I have a location provider, which handles location tracking for the whole app, however backgroundGeolocation.start() always resolves, even when location permission is not granted. At the moment, my code looks like this:

configureBackground() {
  let opts =  {
    desiredAccuracy: 10,
    stationaryRadius: 10,
    distanceFilter: 10,
    pauseLocationUpdates: false,
    stopOnTerminate: false

  this.backgroundGeolocation.configure(opts).subscribe(position => {
    this.ref = {
      lat: position.latitude,
      lng: position.longitude

    // confirm state updated

startTracking() {
  return this.backgroundGeolocation.start();

I use it as follows:

  .then(() => {
    // Go to next component of onboarding page
  .catch(err => {
    // User didn't grant location, show error page

.catch is never called, even if location permission is denied.

How can I start tracking and go to an error page if permission is denied?

EDIT: I take it back, this doesn’t fix my issue
I resolved this using the Diagnostic plugin, which has a method requestLocationAuthorization(mode)

Perhaps a link should be added to the geolocation docs regarding this, as it seems to be the only way to request permission without actually starting location tracking.

I’ve tried using the Diagnostic plugin, however it has the same issue.

requestLocationAuthorization(mode) returns a promise which resolves immediately with the current permission status. It does not wait for the user to accept/deny the request, which makes it completely useless.

It seems most Ionic Native plugins are completely broken, with useless documentation…

This appears to be an issue with the cordova plugin, I’ve provided more infomation here:

This issue is now fixed in cordova-diagnostic-plugin@3.6.3