Ionic/Cordova Geolocation Android Permissions

I’ve build an Ionic 5 App which uses the Geolocation plugin ( with the following code:

 let promise = new Promise((resolve,reject)=> 
     {maximumAge: 1000, timeout: 5000,
      enableHighAccuracy: true }
     ).then((resp) => {       
            // alert('Error getting location - Please check your GPS Settings! ');
            //alert('Error getting location'+ er.code);
            alert('Error getting location'+ er.message);
           }).catch((error) => {
            // alert('Error getting location'+ error.code);
             alert('Error getting location'+ error.message);
           //alert('Error getting location - Please check your GPS Settings! ')
 return promise

Everything works fine, but when I try to release my app on the play store, they tell me, that there is a problem with the permissions. The app is not allowed to request access to location in the background ( but I’m quite confused, because the app doesn’t use that in the background. The only thing with geolocation is the code above.

Can someone help me? What can be the problem? Thanks!

p.s. On iOS everything works fine and there are no problems with the App Store.