Collection-repeat orderBy issue



I’m writing an app that has a list of items (collection-repeat) ordered by a state (“Checked” or “Not checked”). This state can be changed dynamically by the user.
Using the last stable version of Ionic (1.0.1 - Vanadium Vaquita (2015-06-30)), when a user click on an item, the order of the items gets incorrect (not ordered by “checked” items).
Here is a codepen example (just click around on some item and see that the order of the items will be incorrect):

If i use the nightly build of ionic (commented on the codepen), the order of the items will be incorrect only (for what i’ve tested) if i click on the last item.

Can anyone tell me if i’m doing something wrong or is there some workaround for this?


Are you sure ‘orderby’ works for collection-repeat ?