Remove item if checkbox unchecked

hello guys,
i have a problem. I have made a array with checked item from ionic checkbox. now how can i remove those item from array if I uncheck one or more item
Here is my code bellow:
in html:

<ion-item style="background-color:rgb(54, 54, 54)" *ngIf="this.user?.Approver==true">
        <ion-label style="color:orange">{{item.EmployeeNoName}}</ion-label>
        <ion-checkbox []="item.TransactionId" 
        [(ngModel)]="itemSelected[item.TransactionId]" (ionChange)="chkdUpdate(item)"></ion-checkbox>

in ts:

chkdUpdate(item) {

    if (item) {
    }    //this code pushing item to my checkedArray

I want to remove item from checkedArray if i uncheck one or more item
please help