Reload/Restart/Reset multiple devices

I’m testing Ionic as a potential development tool.

Now when you’re doing cross platform of course you want a few devices open with different DPI and size. For example we have an iPhone SE, iPhone Max, Android and web open at the same time.

Now; there’s one thing that I’m stumped on; in Flutter when you run flutter run -d all you can hard reload all the platforms by pressing shift+R or lite refresh with just r in the terminal.

I can’t figure out how to do this when installing a new package for Ionic?

Ionic apps use Capacitor or Cordova as the native runtime layer. Assuming you’re using Capacitor, which we recommend for all new Ionic apps, then you’ll be able to live reload across devices by following the instructions here:

Let me know if that helps!

Hey Max thanks for the help. Yes we are indeed using Capcitor but the link you mentioned doesn’t explain how to reload the platforms?

The app will reload automatically when you make changes in your code. I don’t believe we have a command system to refresh apps from the command line but I am checking. Easiest way to reload your app with this system is just make changes to your code.

Ah yes; but you misunderstand. When we install a new module we need to restart the serving process. With other app making tools there is always a command for example React-native is CMD+R, Flutter is just R in the terminal.

Right now I have to manually open and close the Ionic apps which is a little rubbish hehe.

I hear you. We’re working actively on live reload and CLI tooling around capacitor and Ionic so we’re already talking over your feedback. Sorry I can’t give you a solid ETA on anything but we do plan to address this.