How do I configure Live Reload in a Capacitor project?

I have not been able to get my Capacitor project to Live Reload at all. I’ve assigned all 3 channels (Beta, Master and Production) to the version I want, but it never applies it.

I would like to set it so that it does an live reload on Auto like I could with Cordova, but I can’t find any documentation anywhere on how to do this in Capacitor since we no longer have the config.xml file.

I tried using the

ionic deploy add --update-method=auto --app-id=XXXXXXXX --channel-name="Beta"

and that added some Cordova plugin code, but didn’t set any parameters.

I’m getting pretty frustrated with the utter lack of good documentation on Capacitor. I have to search for hours to find any kind of snippet that helps me in the conversion… if I can find anything at all.

Can anybody help me on how to configure this in Capacitor?

Ok, I think I figured this out.

The code

ionic deploy add --update-method=auto --app-id=XXXXXXXX --channel-name="Beta"

actually DOES modify the Info.plist for ios and the strings.xml for Android.

Ionic, can you please add this to the Using Capacitor with Ionic documentation?

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