Release /request audio focus

Hi everyone!

I have an app with video-calls and during incoming call I notify user with sound. All works fine except situation:

  1. User listens music on device.
  2. My app received incoming call and notify user with sound.
    2.1 Music automatically stops
    2.2. Sound from my app starts

When call ends I want to continue to play music automatically, but this does not happen.
The problem is that no one plugin that I find can’t release audio focus.

I tried:

  1. ionic native audio. Actually does not work, because based on the non latest version of cordova-plugin-nativeaudio from 2
  2. Last version of cordova-plugin-nativeaudio. It works but does not know anything about audio focus at all (music don’t stop and play together with my sound)
  3. cordova-plugin-media. Works fine. Stops music by request audio focus, but know nothing about release audio focus
  4. cordova-plugin-audiofocus. Can’t release audio focus

How can I release audio focus? Thanks in advance.