Ionic mute/unmute app audio

Hi, we’r stuck into an issue on Ionic iOS app. We’r using WebAudioApi to play different clips. It’s working all the way fine on both platforms Android && iOS. But on iOS if audio clips are playing and if user receive a call, app audio set to mute and when app resume again it doesn’t unmute the app audio.
I searched for mute/unmute app audio plugin but couldn’t get anything.
Any suggestions?

use fm.radiant.cordova.utils.volume plugin

@baviskarmitesh the plugin you mentioned is specific for Android only. And we’r facing the issue for iOS. Let me know if you know some other option or solution.

try to use cordova-plugin-media and then inside your controller function where you needs to mute the sound

medias = $cordovaMedia.newMedia();

should solve your problem.