Refresher does not show the refreshing message


I’m trying to implement the pull to refresh demo in my own ionic2 project. It kind of work but the refreshing text & icon are not properly display.

Here is a quick pen to show the case :

You can pull to refresh, the refresh is working but i want the refreshingText to show during the process.

Any help would be appreciated.


Your Pen seems broken when i open it on CodePen?

i just check and the pen works fine on my computer. It shows 3 tabs, the first one with an empty page and a ‘pull to refresh’ title.

To be able to test the pull to refresh feature, i have to use the chrome developer tool (where you see the console) and enable the device mode. With this enable, i can “pull” the page with the mouse to test and see the problem.


I see it working now. My bad. What’s even weirder, the refresher doesn’t obey any other arguments as well. If you look at the compiled innerHTML it only says:

innerHTML: "<div class="refresher-content"><div class="icon-pulling"><ion-icon role="img" class="ion-md-arrow-down" aria-label="arrow down"></ion-icon></div><!--template bindings={}--><div class="icon-refreshing"><ion-icon role="img" class="ion-ios-ionic" aria-label="ionic"></ion-icon></div><!--template bindings={}--></div>"

No matter what I try, same results every time. It seems like a bug to me, but I haven’t had the time to test it on one of my local apps. Maybe @mhartington could elaborate on this?

After updating from ionic 2.0.0-alpha.53 to ionic 2.0.0-beta.3, all is working fine…

The refresher now does his job, so is the ion-select (which was not displaying the selected value).

I wish there were better tutorial to update ionic form one version to another, i spent almost 7h fighting with npm :frowning:

Thanks for your help, happy codding.