Refresh list whenever there is a change


hello i’m using IdangerousSwiper for swiping betweens different accounts, each slide show details of an account, and each account has a list of transaction (pull to refresh list), i’m trying to update this list in terms of when i swipe this list of transactions changes .
thank you


If you poll the server and get new information, then you can update it on the scope. The list will update as well. Is that what you mean? If so, then use some interval to query the server or use websockets to be notified when new data is available.


list is updated when i pull it ; but it s not when i swipe from account to an other, the the service is invoked, but the list is note updated


if you swiper triggers an event “on swipe” you can hang on it and refresh the list of the current slide?


I do by calling the refresh method on the “onSlideChangeEnd” event and I try to reload the whole page ( by $window.reload()) and it’s shown in the results console that my service is invoked but my list doesn’t change


You need to paste in an example of your controller. My guess is that you have fallen into the problem with not using “dot notation”.

See : Problem with ion-content and scope vars inside function