Ion-refresher pull to refresh list isnot updated

I am refreshing message list with Ionic Framework Ion Refresher.
Although JSON is returned in good response , ionRefresh is not updating list on pull to refresh.
Why is it not showing the updated scope? can anybody help me?

angular.module('starter.controllers', [])
.factory("Messages", function () {
var Messages = {};
          getData: function($http) {
                    return $http.get("").
                    success(function(response) {
                     /// console.log(JSON.stringify(response));
                            return Messages;
                   }).error(function(data, status, headers, config) {
                     // log error

.controller('MessagesCtrl',function ($scope, Messages,$http,$ionicPopup,$timeout,$window) {

 $scope.messages =[];
 $scope.doRefresh = function() {
 //  $window.location.href = "";

 $scope.messages =[];
    console.log($scope.messages); //empty
                         console.log($scope.messages); // filled with updated list
                 .finally(function() {
                 // Stop the ion-refresher from spinning

  Messages.getData($http).then(function(data,$rootScope) {

$scope.messages = data;


pulling-text="Pull to refresh..."
on-refresh="doRefresh()" ng-controller="MessagesCtrl">
   <ion-list ng-controller="MessagesCtrl">
<ion-item  ng-show="" ng-repeat="message in" 
 id="message{{}}" class="item">

  <a  class="messageIcon">{{message.admin}}</a>  
  <p>{{message.title}}</p><a ng-click="deleteItem($index)">
 <img src="/_aps4497/assets/16/trash-icon.png"/></a>
  <button class="button button-stable" ng-click="showAlert($index)">Open</button>
 <ion-item  ng-show="!"  class="item">
No Messages


 "date":"19\/01\/2015 21:33:31","descr":"xxx"},
{"id":"9001300","admin":"xx","title":"xx","date":"19\/01\/2015 21:28:11","descr":"xx"}]

When your promise completes your have to call digest

Hi @cmaden
can you refer me to any code using service and digest? Thx

Apparently I missed out the ng-Controller. It must be put in the div that surround the ionRefresher and ion-list. :smile: