ReferenceError: VuTotpSdk is not defined (Param not defined)

Buenas Noches, estoy tienendo un error al ejecutar mi app Alguien me podria ayudar??. Tengo una funcion en un archivo .js y la exporto de la siguiente manera en mi archivo .ts

import * as VuTotpSdk from ‘…/…/…/assets/js/VuServer’;

declare const VuTotpSdk: any; //Declaracion de parametro


selector: ‘app-agregar-nuevo’,

templateUrl: ‘./’,

styleUrls: [’./’],


export class AgregarNuevoPage implements OnInit {

constructor( private http: HttpClient) {


ngOnInit() {


AgregarNuevo() {

VuTotpSdk.getEncryptedSeed(this.serverUrl, this.cupon, this.code, this.seedCallback);


Esta es la funcion que tengo definida en el archivo .js

(function (VuTotpSdk, $, undefined) {


@param serverUrl

@param cupon

@param code

@param seedCallback


VuTotpSdk.getEncryptedSeed = function(serverUrl, coupon, code, onSuccess, onFailure) {

var requestUrl = serverUrl + "/vuserver/activation.php?cupon=" + coupon;

requestUrl += (code != undefined && code != null && code != "") ? "&bank=" + code : "";

requestUrl += "&callback=?";


  url: requestUrl,

  timeout: 20000,

  dataType: "json",

  success: function (data) {

    if (onFailure != undefined || onFailure != null) {

      if (data.indexOf("URL Incorrecta - contacte Soporte Security") >= 0) {

        onFailure("Código de Asociación incorrecto");

      } else {



    } else {




  error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {

    onFailure("Código de Asociación incorrecto");




Any time I am trying to shoehorn legacy code into modern apps, I face three choices:

A. Search out a newer version or shim that insulates me from the legacy code, presenting a modern face on it.
B. Write something that approximates A, or reimplement the core functionality in a way that is more easily integrated in my framework of choice.
C. Kludge together some emergency stopgap.

I go through these possibilities in order. I have yet to get to C.