Import Crypto-js in ionic2

I’ve installed the npm module for crypto-js

npm install crypto-js --save

Try to import it:

import * as CryptoJS from 'crypto-js/crypto-js';

Can’t find module

import * as CryptoJS from 'crypto-js';

Also can’t find module

I can’t see any typescript definitions for it so I’ve installed those

typings install dt~crypto-js --global --save

I can now see a file in typings/global/crypto-js/index.d.ts
Also typings/index.d.ts contains:

/// <reference path="globals/crypto-js/index.d.ts" />

I’m still unclear as to how the typings business works. If someone can point me in the right direction here I’d appreciate it.

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What about WEB Crypto instead of crypto-js? I already don’t use this library.

Do you have an example of how to import that library? I’m having the same issues, only more complicated as it’s not clear what directory I should be importing from…

I’d ideally prefer to use crypto-js, the documentation looks better and I have a working example of what I need to do with it once I can get it imported.

After much trial and error I think I have it, though I don’t necessarily understand why. For future reference:

typings install dt~crypto-js --global --save

This created a file at /typings/index.d.ts
However this file doesn’t appear to be read, you need to copy/paste the content of that file into /typings/main.d.ts

/// <reference path="globals/crypto-js/index.d.ts" />

Then you can import crypto-js like so:

import * as CryptoJS from 'crypto-js';
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Update to this - as of RC1 no additional typings need to be installed

npm install crypto-js --save

Is all that’s needed, with an import like:

import CryptoJS from 'crypto-js';

Hi All,

How do you import the Crypto-js?

I try the the following:

import { CryptoJS } from '../../../node_modules/crypto-js';

export class PersonModel {

    public password: string = null;

    private CryptoJS: any = null;
    private SECERET_KEY: string = 'secret key 123';

    constructor() {
        //this.CryptoJS = require("crypto-js");

    public getPasswordEcrypted(): string {
        // Decrypt 
        var bytes = this.CryptoJS.AES.decrypt(this.password.toString(), this.SECERET_KEY);
        var plaintext = bytes.toString(this.CryptoJS.enc.Utf8);
        return plaintext;

    public setPasswordEncrypted(password: string): void {
        // Encrypt 
        var ciphertext = this.CryptoJS.AES.encrypt(password, this.SECERET_KEY);
        this.password = ciphertext;

But get the following compile error:

[ts] Module '"e:/Development/IDE/ionic-apps/theWhoZoo/node_modules/crypto-js/index"' has no exported member 'CryptoJS'.
import CryptoJS

Please see:

If you are storing secret encryption keys hardcoded in your application like that, you might as well be using ROT13. Cryptographic protocols are one wheel you really really don’t want to be reinventing. Use a system that has gone through extensive peer review, like JWT or JWE. If you don’t have (or want to make) a PKI, use a KDF like scrypt based off a user-entered password if you need to generate replicable symmetric keys: don’t hardcode them into application source code.

I found a way that’s working on my app. I don’t know if it’s the best way (I’m fairly new to Angular2/Ionic2), but it is working.
First I ran
> npm install crypto-js --save

then in the file that I wanted to use it in I

export class EncryptionService {
CryptoJS = require(‘crypto-js’);
constructor( ){
console.log(“CryptoJS:”, this.CryptoJS);

This gave the following output in the console

It seems to be working so far! Hope this helps!

Thanks, I try the same, but I get:

ERROR in ./app/pages/model/personModel.ts
(26,16): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'require'.

Is there something else I need to install?

Thanks, I am new to encryption etc. I will have a look at ROT13. Thanks

npm install systemjs

should do the trick

I still get:

ERROR in ./app/pages/model/personModel.ts
(26,16): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'require'.

Are there any ROT13 plugins for Ionic 2? I have been searching but doesn’t look like anyone has writ tern one.

Umm, that’s not where I was trying to go with that comment. ROT13 is pretty much the classic example of virtually useless encryption. Cryptographic protocols are only as strong as their weakest link, and secret keys hardcoded in application source code are extremely weak.

See if JWE/JWT can cover your desired use case.

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Do you know of any plugins for JWE? I am struggling to find any.

Would you recommend this:

Definitely, but if you check the contributors list, you’ll see that I’m a bit biased.

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I see, good work haha

Apologies if this is a basic questions. I need to import the Jose libs.

I have the following:



<script src="lib/jose.min.js"></script>


constructor() {
    var cryptographer = new Jose.WebCryptographer();


ERROR in ./app/pages/model/personModel.ts
(29,33): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'Jose'.

Do I need to import the Jose object?

You shouldn’t need to resort to <script>, but the exact syntax for importing will probably be dependent on which bundler (rollup or webpack) you’re using. With webpack, you can just:

import * as jose from "jose-jwe-jws";
new jose.Jose.WebCryptographer();

You may need to declare crypto as an external global like this:

  externals: {
    "crypto": "crypto"

…and until this issue gets fixed, that change will have to be made to node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/config/webpack.config.js (ugh). Maybe this will help if dealing with rollup.

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Thanks rapropos.

Where do I put the jose.min.js file?

This is what I did. It builds with no errors, however, when I run the encrypt function, it does not enter the Promise.

The following is printed:

encryptPerson: Object { id=8, joiningDate=1472815177067, lastAccessDate=1475158964295, more...}
encrypt: password1

But I would also expect it to print the following, but it does not.

encryptPerson: resolve <PersonModel>

There error I get is:


TypeError: Argument 3 of SubtleCrypto.wrapKey does not implement interface CryptoKey.


npm install --save


import * as jose from "jose-jwe-jws";

    private cryptographer: any = null;
    private rsa_key: any = null;
    private encrypter: any = null;

    constructor( @Inject(Http) http: Http) {
        this.http = http;

private encryptPerson(person: PersonModel): Promise<PersonModel> {
    console.log('encryptPerson: ', person);
    return new Promise<PersonModel>(resolve => {
        let password: string = person.password;
        this.encrypt(password).then((ciphertext: string) => {
            person.password = ciphertext;
            console.log('encryptPerson: resolve ', person);

private encrypt(value: string): Promise<string> {
    console.log('encrypt: ', value);
    return this.encrypter.encrypt(value);

    private initEncryption(): void {
        this.cryptographer = new jose.Jose.WebCryptographer();
        this.rsa_key = {
            // n = modulus
            "n": "00:c2:4b:af:0f:2d:2b:ad:36:72:a7:91:0f:ee:30:a0:95:d5:3a:46:82:86:96:7e:42:c6:fe:8f:20:97:af:49:f6:48:a3:91:53:ac:2e:e6:ec:9a:9a:e0:0a:fb:1c:db:44:40:5b:8c:fc:d5:1c:cb:b6:9b:60:c0:a8:ac:06:f1:6b:29:5e:2f:7b:09:d9:93:32:da:3f:db:53:9c:2e:ea:3b:41:7f:6b:c9:7b:88:9f:2e:c5:dd:42:1e:7f:8f:04:f6:60:3c:fe:43:6d:32:10:ce:8d:99:cb:76:f7:10:97:05:af:28:1e:39:0f:78:35:50:7b:8e:28:22:a4:7d:11:51:22:d1:0e:ab:6b:6f:96:cb:cf:7d:eb:c6:aa:a2:6a:2e:97:2a:93:af:a5:89:e6:c8:bc:9f:fd:85:2b:0f:b4:c0:e4:ca:b5:a7:9a:01:05:81:93:6b:f5:8d:1c:f7:f3:77:0e:6e:53:34:92:0f:48:21:34:33:44:14:5e:4a:00:41:3a:7d:cb:38:82:c1:65:e0:79:ea:a1:05:84:b2:6e:40:19:77:1a:0e:38:4b:28:1f:34:b5:cb:ac:c5:2f:58:51:d7:ec:a8:08:0e:7c:c0:20:c1:5e:a1:4d:b1:30:17:63:0e:e7:58:8e:7f:6e:9f:a4:77:8b:1e:a2:d2:2e:1b:e9",

            // e = publicExponent
            "e": 65537,

            // d = privateExponent
            "d": "37:b6:4b:f4:26:17:a8:0b:3c:c5:1f:ab:59:b9:47:d2:ae:d9:8e:ee:4e:79:48:ab:0d:34:61:06:0f:78:8b:d4:ba:ef:6b:f4:7a:22:d8:c4:6f:70:89:5d:9c:b3:a1:8b:e8:88:57:dd:07:9e:c2:2b:12:52:a3:eb:b9:a8:24:01:7e:53:2b:7a:34:50:d7:0c:75:d8:69:a3:87:dd:4b:fc:c1:c3:2f:bd:0e:57:16:8d:ea:de:8e:de:ff:e4:9a:9f:aa:e8:d2:5f:b3:27:ef:f9:ca:50:97:2e:fd:99:1c:34:dd:0c:bb:dd:d0:b9:bf:4f:dc:9d:de:94:50:66:2c:58:7e:c2:31:8b:41:56:49:6a:e6:11:14:53:a1:45:0d:15:8b:26:79:0f:c9:dc:ac:dc:c7:bc:55:2c:96:ed:a7:29:09:04:ee:00:74:60:e1:bc:97:7b:0a:b6:f2:83:82:79:65:e0:aa:88:9f:90:b0:0d:76:4d:3c:08:7e:a5:05:19:d4:8b:54:d3:f1:c1:a3:e3:a5:1e:aa:d6:c4:94:ad:6c:b3:8f:85:06:8a:6f:52:f8:a3:c3:e0:8d:67:35:2f:d4:18:fc:70:f4:71:bf:18:88:d6:a7:b7:04:8e:d3:06:ca:83:c3:2d:21:98:65:c9:41:2c:77:bf:4c:7c:8c:2c:01",

            // p = prime1
            "p": "00:fa:d6:06:46:5c:04:70:e6:ec:47:02:96:02:a5:e2:41:9d:bd:7b:97:28:a4:c5:3b:b5:9b:0a:6b:7d:b6:44:8a:28:1e:d1:ef:cb:44:ef:eb:4d:08:74:80:f5:cf:3b:b7:40:10:60:c9:18:1e:a5:76:4b:41:37:06:b2:71:03:60:25:77:db:d0:b2:21:dc:b0:32:90:a2:10:9a:d5:e6:e3:11:42:a1:9a:7a:26:3c:d3:12:56:db:25:07:69:be:ae:2c:b9:33:6c:29:e3:65:b9:5b:05:84:05:e6:da:c4:f4:3f:ab:84:60:6e:f0:5f:ba:a8:98:8f:72:2c:c8:40:d1",

            // q = prime2
            "q": "00:c6:4b:ac:fe:40:1c:dc:6c:78:07:cc:3e:db:4e:d5:d0:17:3b:8f:04:f0:ae:c4:22:0d:8b:0a:4d:0f:9e:fe:c7:e6:38:b5:53:ba:a9:e8:f0:47:28:14:25:95:6a:79:ab:db:86:97:82:c5:1e:bd:80:a5:aa:a2:b7:a5:c7:48:17:c4:d9:c7:4f:50:2a:69:67:15:4c:0b:f5:e6:fb:20:23:5d:ea:ae:6c:c6:74:ba:cc:f8:06:2b:41:1f:b6:3f:2a:93:fa:f9:e1:ee:93:c3:92:ad:49:c7:8f:db:72:ff:6b:f0:f0:d6:2f:83:ce:1c:82:16:89:57:01:9f:49:2f:99",

            // dp = exponent1
            "dp": "57:d4:c1:75:b9:9a:c4:7d:d7:96:35:cd:99:37:c4:b5:fd:29:f0:30:c9:c6:88:59:94:09:a9:e8:61:a8:84:ef:6b:84:ff:35:dc:13:53:7f:2d:06:1c:e5:5b:2d:29:57:cd:52:ee:d0:fb:65:1f:c3:00:2e:e1:b9:b2:99:e7:f8:ae:a5:fd:8e:62:11:81:59:21:1b:8b:e4:0c:93:81:b9:58:bd:e0:20:5b:4d:30:57:28:40:c9:93:79:b9:09:4f:ab:d1:5d:b4:2e:26:b5:e3:e5:7f:54:ef:4c:1a:a6:84:70:16:fa:cf:59:89:49:bb:ee:75:1d:25:79:90:d5:41",

            // dq = exponent2
            "dq": "00:ab:eb:a8:8c:b7:21:4e:aa:6c:56:b6:6a:38:d1:dc:e6:91:7d:fd:bd:96:be:af:25:a7:00:49:6a:0e:85:16:f8:51:4e:11:48:0a:aa:8d:5e:e5:12:86:85:1f:4a:35:3b:1f:15:4d:fe:fe:d0:6c:14:41:8d:f3:8d:ad:99:5d:93:de:03:c2:9d:ad:2f:58:3b:1b:67:d7:66:d7:60:1a:b9:0f:10:0d:32:19:cd:d2:b7:2a:c2:8e:75:e3:fc:aa:3f:4c:15:68:d8:cd:74:27:37:e0:2d:fb:6b:6a:24:05:f7:9b:e9:f2:89:37:89:57:86:21:eb:e9:17:6a:f6:94:e1",

            // qi = coefficient
            "qi": "0a:ed:5f:30:67:d5:e5:6e:4a:7a:35:49:fe:16:2f:1e:91:2b:39:c3:01:d3:d4:c0:4d:b3:fc:08:b0:66:e9:44:10:9e:5b:5a:ea:83:a5:9c:95:7a:58:70:35:28:e5:4d:ba:19:de:0d:66:f9:db:5c:f6:5b:24:27:9d:0b:2d:44:40:eb:33:3a:19:e2:1d:c0:b0:16:99:d1:c1:52:84:02:d6:67:06:32:f8:4d:cb:42:9f:7c:8a:e0:ad:df:40:6f:e4:8c:f6:f6:9e:1d:bd:43:e3:38:91:a2:d0:9e:60:ff:9d:8c:fb:72:5b:df:95:30:17:d2:f2:cb:7d:92:56:0a"
        this.encrypter = new jose.JoseJWE.Encrypter(this.cryptographer, this.rsa_key);