Redux state change not displayed

Hi :slight_smile:

i use redux for state management, like this: A state management pattern for Ionic React with React Hooks - Ionic Blog
i can console.log the state changes after dispatching … it´s working

but the view isn´t rerendered in my listings were the data is displayed.

how can i rerender after state changes?


Do you have a snippet of code or better, a full demo app you could share? It’s the only way we’d be able to understand the issue.

thx so far (y)

i just can share some files here not the complete app:

this ist my state.jsx:

here the “wounds” are listed with { (wound: any) => (

and this is my add Wound Form:

i call the add wound form with:
< Link to={/wound/${}}>

And after dispatching i go to the list with:

i console.log the state and the changes are made.
But the view is not rerendert new ??

thx for any help, im stuck for days :-/


the local state didn´t update only the global.
i didn´t find the bug, but it´s not about updating the view; this is a sideeffect.

thx for hints and help (y)