useIonViewWillEnter not working as expected

I have a screen in my app which uses Context API reducers to fetch data from server on load. For this i have setup the code as follows. This is a functional component.

const refreshView = () => {
      type: "GETPROPERTYS",
      mobileNumber: contextValue.mobileNumber,

  useIonViewWillEnter(() => {

<IonContent fullscreen>
          {console.log({ render: propertyState })}
          {! && (
              {!.map((property: any) => (
                <IonRow key={property.propertyID}>


    switch (action.type) {
        case "GETPROPERTYS": {
          propertyservices.getPropertys(action.mobileNumber).then((response) => {
            let propes = [[0]];
   = [];
   => {
              let property = {};
     = p.PropertyName;;

I have verified that my dispatch method is working fine. However the newly created array is blank in the view’s return method. Whats more weird is if I console log propertyState I can see one record in the array, but if I console log, I cannot see anything.

console.log(propertyState) enter image description here console.log( enter image description here