Redirection from auth server to Iphone (deepLink)

Hi everyone!

need help, with redirection to iphone from auth server. The current problem is iphone only, can not find how to detect deeplink received from my auth server.

Let me explain how I made all the process work in android (not sure it is correct but working).

  1. I installed “angular-auth-oidc-client” module in my app and made all nessusary configuration needed to connect to my auth server.
  2. I have a button in my app that redirects user to my Auth server, simpely with call
    this.oidcSecurityService.authorize() function.
  3. After success authorization I back to phone thanks for configuration in android manifest.
  4. After I come back to app I detect the deeplink. I parse got link from server to get redirection path, and redirect user to particular path.

The question is: how to detect this deep link in Iphone? I back to app in iphone from auth server, but there is no reaction to deep link that server sends to it. I beleave that there should be something like in ios like it is in android.