Redirect to a specific page after receiving push notification

I am using the following plugin for push notification.

I just need to redirect to certain page in ionic when user click on push notification.

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+1 I am also trying to do this.

When registering pushPlugin you can pass config object, within this object you can add a property for your notification callback i.e. "ecb" : "angular.element(document.querySelector('[ng-app]')).injector().get('PushNotificationService').notify"

Then you can write your notify method like so:

  @notify = (notification)->
      console.log "notification"
      androidPushService.handleNotification(notification) if ionic.Platform.platform() is 'android'
      iOSPushService.handleNotification(notification) if ionic.Platform.platform() is 'ios'

And finally

 # Android
  @handleNotification = (notify)->
      switch notify.event
        when 'registered'
          if notify.regid.length > 0
            console.log('REGISTERED with GCM Server -&gt REGID:' + notify.regid)
            tokenDetails =
              platform : "android"
              token : notify.regid
            $rootScope.$broadcast('receivedPushNotToken', tokenDetails)
        when 'message'
         # Display $ionicPopup here and react to button press
        when 'error'
          console.log('ERROR -&gt MSG:' + notify.msg + '')
          console.log('EVENT -&gt Unknown, an event was received and we do not know what it is')

im using ionic push with payload , see the example

Anyone managed to do this well in Ionic 2? I struggle with getting to know if the app was open from notification or not.

EDIT: here is an issue

This can be tested easily by checking notification.additionalData.coldstart == false then app is in forground. Otherwise it is in background and opened because of notification click.