Redirect from wifi settings to the cordova app in ios platform


Hi guys…
I have succesfully opened the wifi settings from my app using com.phonegap.plugins.nativesettingsopener. Now i need to redirect from the settings to app once it is connected to any network. I have tried cordova-plugin-background-mode.
But once the wifi settings opened, then no events can’t be fired within the wifi settings.
i have tried like…

if(typeof cordova.plugins.settings != 'undefined'){"wifi", function() {

Please help to redirect from wifi settings to app only it is connected to any network .


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Do you know of any app that does this successfully?

(Are we talking about iOS or Android by the way?)


No…i didn’t know.I need this functionality for ios.Is it possible ?


can someone have reply the post ?


If no other app on earth does this, it is probably not possible.
If you find one that does do this, tell us and we will try to figure out how it does it.


ok.thanks for your reply